September Favorites

September has been a crazy month. I haven’t been able to blog very much since the start of school which makes me kind of sad. A lot has happened though. I decided to rush a sorority. I’m planning on doing a blog post about my experience rushing and what I think of being in a sorority. I feel like it has a lot of negative stereotypes but it’s actually really nice. But because school has started and I did rush, it hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging, but I’m going to try and change that.


This is going to be a post about my favorites for September, even though it may be a little late. I just thought I had to mention Rush, since it has been amazing experience and I do love being in a sorority so far. So it probably is one of my favorites for this month. But now I’ll get into some of my favorite things for this month.

Artic Fox and Manic Panic Hair Dye: I decided to dye my hair once again. I had a lot of left over dye from previous times I’ve dyed my hair, so I decided to use up some of the left overs to create a cool mermaid ocean like blue purple combination. These two brands are the dyes I continue to use. I find the colors look amazing and I think they smell a bit like Kool-Aid or candy so that’s always a plus.

Round Toothbrush Makeup Brushes: This sounds a bit odd if you’ve never seen these before. But I decided to try out one of the round toothbrush makeup brushes that some makeup artists have started using. I actually enjoy it. It’s really easy to blend in my foundation with it.

“Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey: Anyone who knows me knows I’m fucking in love with Halsey so of course I love this song. It’s super catchy. I know all the lyrics. If you haven’t heard it you need to.

Glitter Highlight: I am very obsessed with highlight. It’s one of my favorite makeup items. For events or going out, especially football games where I can show my team spirit, I love to step it up with glitter highlight. Basically I just use loose glitter on top of the Wet N Wild coloricon Glitter Singles. And that is basically just a glitter paste so it sticks to your face and allows other glitter to stick on top of it.

Stationary: Stationary is probably one of my favorite things. I especially love cute little cards and notebooks and pens. I actually was sent a few cute cards from an etsy shop to review and tell you guys about. They are so cute! They are pokemon themed, which is great because I’ve loved pokemon since I was a kid. I think one of the best things about these cards besides their cuteness is the size. I love how they’re bigger than your average card you’d buy in Paper Source or something. It really gives you the freedom to write and draw and do whatever else you’d want. If you’re interested in these or any other products from this shop you can find them here! And the owner was kind enough to provide a coupon for all of you to use. Enter “AFFREESHIP10” for free expedited shipping over £10.

OOTD: Exploring Santa Monica

I went on a little adventure this week. I took a random bus down to Santa Monica. I’ve been there a thousand times but I always find new things when I go there. This time I happened to find a cool vintage shop that I’ve always passed by and some cute coffee shops I haven’t seen before.

So today, I thought I would share the outfit I went exploring in. My hat is a denim colored hat that I got from a Halsey concert. It says “I’ve never heard of Halsey.” I love it to death. My top and jeans are both from Forever 21. The top is cropped and high neck tank. It’s a reddish, rust color. It says “Made in the 90’s” which I love. My jeans are these super comfy classic, vintage denim colored pair of boyfriend jeans. I’ve been obsessed with boyfriend jeans lately. For shoes I kept it simple with converse. And for a bag I also kept it simple with a black guess purse which I didn’t show in the photo.


Blabber Pt 2: Loneliness

I’ve spent the past couple days alone. Surround by people. But no friends. No one to talk to. Just alone. I feel so lonely. I have no one to spend time with. I’m just constantly wasting my time away. Because I have no one to hang out with. I thought this year would be different. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it’ll be the same as it always is. Surrounded by people, but no one who actually gives a damn.

How I Get Concert Ready ft. Sounds Live Feels Live

I don’t know if anyone noticed but I didn’t post a blog post on Friday as I normally would. *gasp* But I had somewhat of a good reason. On Friday, I attended the 5 Seconds of Summer concert in Chula Vista. And it wasn’t until way after I normally post but I wanted to do a post all about it so I decided to make this post about it and wait until Monday to post. This post is going to be all about how I get ready for a concert, at least this one, and a little bit of my experience at Sounds Live Feels Live.

I always love to make an event out of concerts. I go to so many and they are so fun, so I like to go all in. And this was no exception. I had nothing else to do the whole day, so I spent most of the day getting ready. It’s not something I usually do but, since I had nothing better to do, why not?

The one thing I always do before a concert, whether I spend all day getting ready or not, is listening to the latest songs by the band. For 5 Seconds of Summer, this happened to be Sounds Good Feels Good, their album that came out not too long ago. I love this album a lot more than their first one. It’s a lot more mature and personal, which makes it sound really good.

Another thing I gotta recommend is drinking a lot of water before, after and, if possible, during. Screaming and possible sweating tends to drain your throat and body. I don’t do this as much as I should but I’m putting it in here to help everyone. Safety and health is key.img_9575

For all concerts I like to go all out for my makeup. I try to look my best ( as always 😉 ) since you never know who you might meet. I’ve actually seen one of the guys from this band, Calum, at a concert before. So I tend to do a full face of makeup that is very long wearing. This particular concert I did my signature winged eyeliner, with golden lids and lavender highlighter, which if you couldn’t tell by know is my favorite. Some of the products I used include my Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Lorac eyeliner and Pro Palette, and the Nyx Loose Pearl in Lilac. I recommend using a foundation and primer combo you know will last. I find it very important to make sure the makeup stays in place, since a lot of the time concerts can get really sweaty, especially if you like to dance and jump around. If you’d like a full tutorial on my look, let me know in the comments and I’d love to do one!

Like I said, I had a lot of time to get ready this day, so I decided to do a little extra something with my hair. I went for the space buns and glitter roots look. I find this look is good for concerts, especially general admission ones, because it gets your hair up and out-of-the-way, and it still looks cute. It’s really easy if you practice it a few times. I found the hardest part to be 1. getting the buns somewhat even and 2. creating the glitter hair paste stuff. I don’t have any hair gel because it’s not a product I normally use and it’s normally what people use to make it. So if you want a tutorial on how to create this look, and how to make the hair glitter with products you most likely will have in your house, let me know!


As a basic guide for all my concert outfits, I like to go with the classic band t-shirt and
shorts combo
. Normally this is my go to, especially if I have a shirt belonging to that band. And shorts usually do me fine, especially since I live in SoCal. It can get a little cooler sometimes, especially in an outdoor venue or when you not in general admission. Both were the case this time so I just tied a flannel around my waist. (which I gave to my friend since she wanted to fit in more???) If I don’t go for this basic look, I tend to go for some other top and bottom combo. I tend to try to avoid skirts and dresses, especially in GA concerts. A nice crop top and high-waisted jeans or shorts would probably be my next go to. I think I’ll do a concert look book with a ton of different ideas and combos, so let me know if you’d want to see it.

As for bags and shoes, I keep it simple for every show. No bag. Converse. Any time I wear different shoes or boots or bring a bag, I regret it. I just put my ID and credit card in my pocket, normally with my lanyard, and I’m set. And Converse are just a basic, but I’ll also accept Vans as a close substitute since they’re almost the same.

I know this is getting a little long, but that’s pretty much all I do to get ready. And then I go enjoy the show, live in the moment and get lost in the music. 5SOS put on an amazing show. They are so energetic and fun. You can tell they enjoy it. They love their fans and talking to them. They’re hilarious and wanna make sure everyone’s having a good time. A lot of their songs are filled with so much emotion; you can really see it in the fans and the band. My favorite song they did was probably Jet Black Heart. That song means a lot to me and seeing Michael sing the opening made me very emotional. Honestly, I loved the whole show. Hopefully I can see them next year too. And I recommend checking them and their music out!

August 2016 Beauty Favorites + NEW VIDEO

I can’t believe August is over. I spent this whole month back at home. It seems like it flew by. I actually spent most of the summer in LA taking summer classes at school, and now I’m about to go back in September, which is crazy.

So today, I’m gonna be going through some of my beauty favorites this month. Normally I don’t wear a lot of makeup when I’m back home since I barely leave the house. But I do have a few pieces since I did a little back to school makeup shopping to prepare me for september. I also have a makeup instagram (MakeupByAshleyNicki) so I tend to do some looks for that even when I don’t go out. And now it’s time to share some of my favorites with you.

The first favorite of mine, but not a beauty favorite, is my Forever 21 Haul. I made a video going through all my new purchases. I had so much stuff, but now I’m ready to go back to school. You guys can check that out below if you’d like.

And now to start off the beauty favorites is the Wet n Wild Contour Palette. This thing is quite a steal. It has a highlighting shade and contouring shade. I don’t use the highlight because I much prefer shimmering highlights and this one is matte. But I’ve been looking for a decent contour powder and I feel like I found one. It’s very pigmented. And it’s a nice color for contouring. The only thing I dislike about it is that the a lot of powder gets on your brush when you try to apply it, which can be wasteful. But on the plus side, it’s a big sized palette and it’s very affordable.

Next up is the Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. I love this stuff. I’ve been obsessed with finding a good detox mask lately. So far this is the best one I could find. I do believe it costs a bit more than the other one’s I found but it’s so worth it. It makes my skin feel so healthy afterwords.

Third is the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Brush. Don’t get me wrong I love the palette too, but I haven’t used it too much this month. However I’ve been using the brush everyday I do eyeshadow. I love how fluffy the big crease side is. It makes blending eyeshadows so easy. I find it so easy to do any kind of eyeshadow look with that brush. If you would like to purchase the brush separate from the palette try Glambot, which sells safe used makeup and tools. This is the link to the brush. And a link to get $5 for the site. (Just a fair warning, they are affiliate and referral links. You can find my other affiliate links in the sidebar 😉

Up next is Eylure Lashes. These are pretty much the only lashes I wear. Basically I suck at fake eyelashes. But these for some reason seem easier to apply. I can actually apply them. I love the glue it comes it. Instead of having a squeeze tube like a lot of lashes, this one comes with an applicator so you can put it directly onto the lashes. It allows you to control the placement and amount so much more. That’s probably why I like these so much. I also love the feel of them. When I apply the correctly, the feel natural, almost like they aren’t there.

My last favorite is the Nyx Loose Pearl . My favorite shade is lilac. And it looks amazing as an eyeshadow. However, I most often use it as a highlighter. It’s not glittery, but gives such a great shimmery, glowing highlight. I’m obsessed with highlighters and this is probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite. I recommend trying a lavender/lilac highlight because they look amazing, and I feel like it be good on any skin tone.

Website Review: ThriftBooks

I’m just gonna start this post with a disclaimer: I’m not being sponsered to say this because let’s face it no one’s gonna pay me because I’m just a little nobody. I just truely love this site. However if you do wanna help a girl out, click here to get 15% your first order! (and I’ll also get 15% off)

This might be the best website for book lovers. Especially those who love actual books, like the ones you can hold in your hand and put on bookshelves. This amazing website is Thriftbooks.


The basic concept of this site is that it is basically a thrift store for books, as you could probably tell from the name. So this is a place where you buy used books, and for cheap. I bought 15 books for $50. I don’t know any other place you could do that. The books are all in amazing condition, not falling apart as you’d probably think for buying a book for less than $5.

And they have popular books. I find it’s really hard to find a place that sells popular books for cheap prices. Of course those books that just came out and that are the bees knees may be a little more expensive than $5, but if it’s cheaper than the $15 you normally pay, than it’s still better.

I personally don’t have a problem with used books, although I know some people do. I actually kind of prefer used books to the brand new ones. For one, they’re cheaper. Two, it’s better for the enviroment. You don’t have to rip down however many more trees to print books that could just be reused. And three, some of them tell a story beyond the print on the page. You never know what other people could have written in there or who could have owned it. Just imagine the person who read it before, what they were doing, what that stain they put on the page was, who had given it to them, the place they were in when they read it, the fantasies they made up in their heads, and the memories they made while they read it. Books mean a lot to different people and the more people who own a book the more a book means.

I’m very excited to buy more books from here. Like I said, I got quite the steal last time, and I loved the books. Hopefully a person reading this, or multiple persons, will also enjoy this site and any books they buy to find because of it.

How I Get Free Concert Tickets

I’ve gotten free tickets to The Summer Set, One Direction on Jimmy Kimmel, and Vans Warped Tour. Also a lot more but I’m not gonna sit here and name them all. I also don’t want people to think I’m bragging. My friends always ask how I get these tickets for free so I thought I would make a blog post explaining it. Hopefully, this will help any other concert and music lovers out there.

#1: 1iota.comThis is the way I got to see One Direction on Jimmy Kimmel and go to the iHeart Radio Music Awards. 1iota has tons of events and all the tickets are FREE. As in no money what so ever. Their main events inIMG_0200clude late-night shows, like Jimmy Kimmel or James Corden, Good Morning America, award shows, The Voice, and a lot of others. If it has a studio audience I suggest checking the site. A big downside is that most of the tickets are in Los Angeles or New York, but there are some other cities so I definitely recommend checking it out. Another downside is that the tickets are given out by a lottery-based system so there’s no guarantee you’ll get a ticket but a lot of the times you do, so it’s always worth a shot. All you have to do to get tickets is to create an account, so it’s really simple and you’ve got nothing to lose.

#2: Street Teams: Since moving to LA I’ve joined a few street teams for a few record labels. My dream is to work at a record label. I don’t think I actually will. But I decided it wouldn’t hurt to build some connections. I love music, mostly listening since I am very unmusically gifted. The perks of living in a major city, and a major music city at that, is that there are a lot of record companies, labels bands, artists, etc. Since I want to be very involved in the music scene I decided to join a few street teams.

Now this isn’t for everyone. This is for the people who have a serious love of music and the bands and artists signed to the band they work for. Basically being on a street team requires you to promote upcoming album releases, shows and tours in your area, and anything else the label or bands have going on. I’ve put up posters, passed out buttons and flyers, and even come up with my own promo ideas. And in return, you are NOT guaranteed free concert tickets. These are an occasional perk you get rewarded for helping out. It’s not for every show the label has. I have gotten tickets to Panic! at theIMG_0240 Disco, Warped Tour, and The Summer Set this way. I like to be very involved in with the teams I work with because, like I said, I have a real passion for music and my dream is to work for a label.

Now if this is something you are interested in, I suggest researching what labels you’re favorite bands and artists are signed to. Try to look for smaller labels since those are the ones who normally have street teams. Once you found a few potential ones, check out their websites, or google ” ‘label name’ street team.” This is how you will find out if they do have a street team you can be a part of. Once you find one, normally you have to apply to be apart of the team. (You don’t need to have prior music or street team experience, just a love for music!) Then just wait to see if you can be apart of the team! If you are accepted, you’ll be asked to do missions and promo and such for the bands. You won’t get rewarded for every single thing you do, only occasionally will you be able to get something like a ticket. So like I said, this is more for those committed individuals. I really enjoy it, and I feel like some others would too!


I hope you enjoyed this post about how I get my tickets. I’m sure there’s many other ways to get free tickets but these are the ways I use so hope you like it. 🙂

My Body Image Issues

I haven’t really talked much about this before to anyone. A select few people know I’ve struggled with my body but they don’t know the extent of it. It’s not exactly an everyday conversation but it’s bothering me keeping it all bottled up inside. And this probably isn’t a complete explanation on what I’ve got going on, and there’s definitely going to be more to come. But for now, this is probably the best way I can put it into words. So I’ve decided to put this blogging thing to use and talk about it. I did make this blog to write about the hard stuff so that’s what I’m gonna do.

A little brief history of my body is that I have always been tall and slim. (I hate using the word skinny) I was always one of the tallest kids. I had a super fast metabolism and could eat whatever I want and not gain a pound. I’ve been around the same weight, maybe about 5 pounds more, since the 5th grade. Basically I’ve weighed around 115-120 for about half my life. I also stopped growing so am now average height at 5’6″ and stayed that way since around 5th grade, maybe growing a couple inches.

Most people would love that. Fast metabolism. Decent height and weight. But my mind sucks and doesn’t work like that.

A lot of my life people have referred to me as skinny. As I said, I hate being called that. I associate skinny with those skin and bones models you see in magazines. That is not me. And that is probably where the problem started. I had a flat stomach like them. But my butt wasn’t as round. My thighs were wider. My boobs weren’t as big. I basically compared myself to them. I got it into my head of mine that if those girls were skinny, I am not skinny.

And because this is a society that tells you that being skinny is the way to go, I wanted to be what I thought was skinny.

Throughout school I was skipping meals. My mom would make me lunch and I wouldn’t eat it. I would just hide it and throw it away at home. Then I looked up workout routines and healthy eating, not because I wanted a better lifestyle. But because I was obsessed with my weight. Any sign of me not having a flat stomach and I was panicking trying to figure out the best way to lose weight. Any jiggle on my body made me hate it and I was trying so hard to find a way to get rid of it.

Obviously this isn’t healthy. And the truth is I’m still like that to this day. Recently I’ve gained a few pounds. That’s what made me want to write this post. I still struggle with my weight. While I was in school I lost a few pounds. That made me happy. But it was because I was skipping meals and not eating enough because I wasn’t having anyone keeping track of me. Now that I’ve been home for the summer and my parents are here, I’ve gained a few pounds. I can tell because my stomach isn’t flat anymore. And like I said before a non-flat stomach makes me want to lose weight.

So now I’m left here thinking of the ways I can make it flat again. Just today, I’ve looked at workouts, detox teas, those sketchy green tea weight loss pills. Honestly I don’t know what to do. Because I don’t want to be so consumed by my weight that I have to turn to diet pills when I’m at a perfectly healthy weight and who knows how those things will fuck me up.

I hope one day I don’t think like this anymore and I can actually accept my body for what it is. But for now I’m stuck here.

The artwork featured is mine from around the time I was in middle school.

My Favorite Lip Products (with swatches)

So I’ve got an entire drawer full of lipsticks. I may be a bit obsessed. In an effort to motivate to go through all of them, I thought I would create a post of my top lip products. The reasons these are my favorite lip products is because they have great color pay offs, they don’t smudge all over my face some like do, and they don’t feel super dry and sticky on the lips. These will always be the lip products that you will see me reaching for. I didn’t rank these, so they aren’t in any particular order. But I did group them according to color categories. (ie nudes, reds, bolds, etc)

FullSizeRender 3

Colorful/Bold: (From left to right)

Kleancolor Femme Lipstick in 4 Sky Dive

Nyx Macaron Lippie in MALS09 Lavender

Nyx Macaron Lippie in MALS06 Pistachio

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipstick in 1070 Jealousy

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme in SMLC31 Moscow

MAC Halsey Matte Lipstick

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer in Vamp


Pinks: (From left to right)

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 745 Peach Poppy

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme in SMLC06 Istanbul

Lorac Lips With Benefits Lip Gloss in 1293Christian

FullSizeRender 2

Nudes: (From left to right)

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme in  SMLC02 Stockholm

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 700 Barely Bloomed

Loreal Collection Exclusive Lipstick in610 Eva’s Nude

Nyx Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipstick in LSS585 Terra Cotta

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme in SMLC09 Abu Dhabi

FullSizeRender 4

Reds: (From left to right)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 055 Adore

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Reckless

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in 691 Rich Ruby

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 01

Blabber pt 1: Emptiness

i dont feel anything. most of the time. its mainly just empty. thats how i feel empty. i never feel happy. thats a rarity, a special occasion, or just very unlikely. i do feel sad quite often. when i think too much especially. thinking is bad. the thoughts just keep going and going. it sounds like bees buzzing in my head. and then the tears come. sometimes is dont even feel sad when i cry. i just cry. its a constant feeling really. i always want to cry. and i cant control it either. it makes me want to scream. i have no control. i cant control how i feel. it sucks.